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A Physician, Louisville, Kentucky


My history with Ricke & Associates began many years ago when I first started thinking about life insurance. As a young man, I had put off buying life insurance, but with a wife and two young daughters, I began to think about what would happen to them if I died.

The agents at Ricke & Associates helped us decide how much we could spend and what coverage I would need to take care of our family. They did not pressure us, but provided the information we needed and walked my wife and me through the entire process until we could make a decision that was right for us. Later, when a good friend died unexpectedly and his wife struggled to support their young family, we decided to re-evaluate our financial situation and increase my life insurance coverage.

Life goes on and before we knew it, our daughters were grown and married. I had been in good health, but I entered a five-year period in which I was required to have several serious medical procedures. I had four hip surgeries and an open-heart surgery. These were enough to leave me unable to work.

The agents at Ricke & Associates knew about my health issues, and without my even making a phone call, they looked at my policy and found a clause in the contract that would provide financial assistance should I become unable to work. It had been years since I had even looked at my policy. Their thoughtful consideration kept me from dropping my life insurance and led to benefits that I would have never had.

I am amazed at how a company would care so much for their clients. They are unlike any other company I have ever dealt with. They truly care about me, while I am alive, and they care about my future and the future of my family. Imagine a company whose business formula included love for their clients as human beings!

My family will always be grateful for having met and worked with the Ricke family. When someone does business with them, they become part of their family, and it is certainly a wonderful family.

Business Owner, Floyds Knobs, Indiana


I have known Larry Ricke for 40 years and first purchased insurance from him in the 1970's when we were both in our 20's. I was so impressed with him then for his efficacy, knowledge of the field, and his special talent for explaining some complex issues in easily understandable terms, that when I left Louisville after only 4 years there, I continued to use him for all my insurance needs and information.

Even though I am out-of-state, I wouldn't even consider using another agent. I have never regretted relying on Larry's knowledge, clear explanations, and efficient straightforward replies to any questions and concerns. He has been open, accessible, and courteous, and I never felt rushed.

In addition, a bonus is his office staff, who have always been helpful, friendly, and prompt in their services over many years. He and his staff deserve the highest accolades for surperb services in Insurance.

Physician, Syracuse, New York


I am so thankful for the relationship I have with Ricke & Associates. Both the advice and guidance given by the agents have been with one goal in mind- doing what is best for me and my family. They are true experts in the field of insurance.

It is great to work with a company who is trustworthy, honest, and loyal. I can’t tell you how good it feels to know my family will be insured, and I am so grateful to have Ricke & Associates to guide me.

Wife, Mother, and Business Owner, Louisville, KY


Our Life Insurance saved our business when we endured some rough financial times. If we wouldn't have had our life insurance policies, we wouldn't be in business today.

Family Business Owner, New Albany, Indiana


The Life Insurance we had in force to fund our Buy-Sell Agreement saved our business financially when my partner unexpectedly died.

Business Owner, New Albany, Indiana

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